In the interest of full disclosure it should be noted that Street Lane Services is part of the Street Lane Practice. Therefore the partners at Street Lane Practice make a small profit from the clinics. Patients registered at Street Lane Practice can be referred to our internal clinics or they can choose to be referred to alternative clinics in hospital for instance.

With both a full understanding and considerable experience of primary care the clinicians at Street Lane Services have designed three Specialist Clinics providing high quality secondary care services within a community setting.

We deliver efficient diagnostic and management clinics enabling patients to be discharged into primary care with the additional reassurance that should they need to be re-referred they will continue to receive prompt access to our specialist services. The support we offer is unique. Each clinic is either led or backed by consultants working alongside GPs with special interests and seeks to enhance the level of care GPs can offer their patients. We can guarantee continuity of care within our well-managed teams. Allowing senior clinicians the opportunity to monitor individual cases contributing to swift and decisive feedback in order to maintain excellent standards of care.

We’re used to working within budget and time constraints and we’re proud to say that by closely managing the care of each patient we have considerably reduced the need for follow-up appointments. In addition, we’re able to operate below regular hospital tariffs providing an extremely cost effective option for referrers.

In addition, each of our Specialist Clinics are not only governed by Dr Lesley Sunderland, herself a GPwSI in Dermatology, they are also PCT accredited and benefit from regular peer review sessions.

As an established part of Street Lane Practice, the Specialist Clinics provide care for over 2000 patients giving local GPs the confidence to refer patients with full assurance that they will receive first-rate care delivered within an efficient, proactive and ethical approach to modern medicine.

In line with our open policy, referring GPs are welcome to visit our Specialist Clinics so that they can see first hand the inclusive, high quality care we are delivering across the community.

“The patients are very happy with the services provided, they are seen quickly in surroundings they are used to and can park free of charge.”


Open and collaborative approach – Our aim is to work within a collaborative environment to support GPs. Through direct contact with us GPs can discuss their reasons for referral, individual cases or any queries they may have.

Our transparent policy is here to help GPs help their patients.

Saves money – Each appointment is below the national tariff for Hospital Outpatient appointments.

Saves time – Our streamlined approach offers patients quicker access to Specialists. In addition our Minor Surgery Clinic offers a one-stop shop service where surgical procedures can be offered at first appointments.

Efficient administration – We operate a dedicated administration service for the clinic patients. Within days GPs will receive clear management plans for each patient.

Low follow-up rates – Backed by senior consultants we are able to operate a predominantly ‘one stop shop’ approach within the clinics. However, patients are followed up if clinically appropriate. GPs can be reassured that patients can be referred back as follow-ups to be seen swiftly if needed.

Clinical Governance – Not only are our clinics subject to ongoing evaluation through peer review and annual appraisals we also adopt a knowledge sharing approach. We welcome GP registrars and colleagues who wish to sit in on the clinics for education purposes.

A more closely managed approach to patient care – By utilising a small, established team of Specialists we provide excellent continuity of care - guaranteeing that no one works in isolation and delivering a more appropriate and personal service for each patient who is referred to us. All referrals are carefully triaged ensuring each patient sees the most appropriate clinician.

Excellent access – Our North Leeds location means we are situated closer to many patients’ homes than city centre hospital alternatives. We can also offer patients free parking at the practice and further clinics held at practices in LS16, LS8 and LS12. We also offer some late afternoon and evening appointments and patients are able to contact the practice via telephone regarding any queries they may have.

Built on a longstanding, excellent reputation – Our Specialist Clinics are underpinned by Street Lane Practice, which currently cares for over 12,000 patients a year.

With both a full understanding and considerable experience of primary care the clinicians at Street Lane Services have designed four Specialist Clinics providing high quality secondary care services within a community setting.

“ Sitting in on the dermatology clinics was an excellent learning opportunity and gave an extra dimension to my training. “

Please note, a GP referral is required to access SLS clinics. GP's can access Street Lane Services Specialist Clinics via the Choose and Book website:

• Visit

• Choose the specialism

• Look for Street Lane Services within the chosen specialism

Our Specialist Clinics are also delivered through Priory View Medical Centre LS12 and Westgate Surgery LS21.

For more information regarding Street Lane Services Specialist Clinics please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the Services Manager, Carli Dobson on 0113 237 1603.

Clinic addresses:

1 Street Lane Practice, 12 Devonshire Avenue, Leeds, LS8 1AY

2 Priory View Medical Centre, 2A Green Lane, Leeds, LS12 1HU

3 Westgate Surgery , Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 3HD

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