Spearheaded by the Clinical Services Leader, Dr Lesley Sunderland, our Specialist Dermatology Clinic was established in 2006 and has proved such a vital service we now care for over 1000 patients per year. Our solid team of GPwER's (GP with an extended role) in Dermatology, Consultant and Dermatology Nurse, offer a breadth of knowledge and skills covering common dermatology complaints and more complex individual cases, ensuring that each patient receives the same level of care regardless of the nature of their referral.

"I can't believe how quick the service was including booking my follow up tests"

The Dermatology Clinic is run by:

Dr Lesley Sunderland, GP with Extended Role Dermatology

MBChB MRCGP Dip Dermatology

Dr Sunderland is an experienced GP partner at The Street Lane Practice with a proven track record in Service Delivery and Clinical Governance. She is also Clinical Leader for Street Lane Services.

Professor Mark Goodfield, Consultant Dermatologist  

MD FRCP                             

Professor Goodfield is a Consultant Dermatologist. He has joined our team to provide a link with hospital dermatology.

Dr Angela Goyal, GP with Extended Role Dermatology


Dr Goyal is a GP with a special interest in Dermatology.

Dr Helen Aveyard, GP with Extended Role Dermatology     

MBChB MRCGP Postgraduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology (Cardiff)

Dr Aveyard is a portfolio GP with a special interest in Dermatology.

Nicola Whitfield

Fiona Reid 

Debbie Jackson

Fiona, Nicky and Debbie are all specialist Dermatology Nurses and Independent Prescribers. Their dedicated skills help patients with eczema, psoriasis and acne.

 Referrals welcomed by the Dermatology Clinic:

• Psoriasis – except if second line treatments are anticipated PUVA, uvb or oral medication

• Eczema – Atopic, Seborrhoeic, Contract (allergy/irritant) Asteatotic and Discoid

• Diagnostic dilemmas – other rashes

• Severe acne – including those for Isotretinoin

• Rosacea 

• Precancerous skin conditions 

• Disorders of pigmentation 

• Disorders of hair/nails 

• Urticaria 

• Blistering disorders 

• Benign tumours/diagnostic uncertainty

Low risk Basal Cell Carcinoma

We have recently been awarded a contract to treat low risk Basel Cell Carcinoma in the community. The service will be run under the supervision of Professor Mark Goodfield, Consultant Dermatologist, with regular attendance at the local skin cancer multidisciplinary team meetings. We will be able to offer medical and surgical treatment depending on the features of the lesion.

A low risk BCC would be:

<1cm below the level of the clavicle, Superficial or nodyloulcerative with well defined margins.

Exclusion criteria:  

Patients must be >24 years old. They cannot have a genetic predisposition to skin cancer (eg Gorlins) or be immunocompromised.They must NOT be recurrent, previously incompletely excised or have indistinct borders such as morphoeic BCC.

Lesions requiring excision will be assessed initially in dermatology clinic. Non surgical options, such as Photo Dynamic Therapy and imiquimod, will be considered. If excision is required patients will be referred on to our Minor Surgery Clinic.

In the future we hope to expand this further to accept larger BCC.

Our Choose and Book page will be amended when this situation changes.

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