Electronic repeat prescription

Our practice is collaborating with NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) which is providing NHS numbers for those patients that may be suitable for electronic repeat dispensing prescriptions. The information is obtained from NHS prescriptions submitted to the NHSBSA. A member of our clinical team will contact these patients soon to explain the benefits of this service.

The repeat prescription system

When you receive a prescription, attached is a list of your usual medicines. You can then use this as a request form. You can request your next prescription either:

  • Online by clicking here. You will be taken to a page from SystmOnline, our IT systems provider. You need to have obtained a username and password from us first. If you do not yet have one please come into Reception with some proof of ID.
  • By submitting the prescription request form to reception, and allowing 48 hours for collection.
  • Via eReception.  This can be accessed via a link down the left hand side of this page or on the homepage of the practice website.  It will ask you for a few details and then give you the option to choose "I have a Medication/Prescription related query."  It is efficient for both yourself and us. Once submitted, allow 48 hours before collecting from reception. This replaces the old prescriptions email address which is no longer in use.
  • By post, attaching a S.A.E. Unfortunately we do not accept telephone requests, as they are prone to errors, and tie up our phone system.
  • By faxing 0113 295 3842.

Please also note that if a request is for an item not on your list, the doctor needs to review it; inevitably there can be a delay.

Medication reviews

On an annual (or occasionally 6 monthly) basis the practice needs to update your list of medicines - is the medicine list accurate? Do you need all the medicines? etc. This is known as the medication review. Sometimes, if the list is a simple one, the doctor may choose to update it from your computer record. You won't be contacted, but you will be able to continue requesting the same medicines for the next 12 months. Alternatively, you will receive a note attached to the prescription, asking you to book a routine appointment before the next prescription is due.

We would be grateful if you could book your review in a timely manner to ensure your prescriptions can be released on time.

Ideally we'd encourage patients with chronic health conditions such as Asthma, COPD, hypertension, diabetes, mental health, ischaemic heart disease, to book a Nurse review appointment, unprompted, in the month of your birth.

Prescription duration

Our default is to issue a 2 month supply of medicines on each prescription. There are exceptions to this. With HRT and contracpetion we'd usually issue 3 months per prescription. With controlled drugs like tramadol, temazepam and morphine we can only issue 1 month of medicines at a time.

If you have ignored communications from the surgery to come in for your annual review then the prescription length will be reduced from 2 months, to 1 month and then 1 week. This will be revert to 2 months once you've attended for review.

Prescription update on gluten-free items (October 2017)

In line with new Leeds guidelines, which came into effect on 1st October 2017, we are no longer able to prescribe gluten-free items. We now ask that you purchase these over the counter from supermarkets and pharmacies, where you will find an extensive range. Your repeat prescripition has been updated accordingly.


From the 1st June 2018 you will be required to order your repeat medication directly from your GP surgery.

From the start of the new system community pharmacies, online pharmacies and other dispensing contractors (which include appliance contractors) will no longer be able to order repeat prescriptions on your behalf. Repeat prescription orders will need to be made by you, a relative or carer directly from your GP surgery.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered in the following ways:

  • Online/App ordering – Recommended (ask in your GP surgery today)
  • In person at the surgery (using the tear off slip on the right hand side of the previous prescription)
  • Via letter / post (using the white tear off slip on the right hand side of the previous prescription)
  • Via e reception for Street Lane Practice patients.


Patients are encouraged to sign up for online ordering:

To sign up you are required to produce photographic identification such as your passport; driving license or a bus pass and proof of address such as utility bill or bank statement to the GP surgery. You will then be issued a personalised online log in and a password which should only be used by you to access your repeat orders. (If you require a family member or carer’s assistance when ordering please highlight this to the surgery staff when registering). This is a very straightforward process and will allow you to access your repeat orders at a time convenient to you, 24 hours a day.

By encouraging all patients that have the ability to order their own repeat prescriptions it will offer you, as the patient, full control over which prescription items are issued each month. Please ensure you only order what you require to avoid over ordering and stockpiling your prescription medicines.

Please allow time for your repeat prescription to be processed:

  • Your GP surgery will require at least 2-3 working days to issue your repeat prescription.
  • Your pharmacy or appliance contractor will then need a further 1 -2 working days to dispense your repeat medication as they may need to order in any items that they do not have in stock.

We would recommend ordering your repeat medications 7 days before your previous supply is due to run out

Please note that the collection, dispensing and delivery of your prescription from community pharmacies, online pharmacies and appliance contractors will remain the same, it is only the ordering process that will change. If you have a nominated Pharmacy your prescription will still go directly there, if you do not have a nominated pharmacy your prescriptions will be available to collect from the surgery as normal.

If you or someone you know requires assistance when ordering repeat prescriptions, then please enquire in your GP surgery today. These patients will receive support to access help.

If you need any further information or have concerns regarding these changes, there are leaflets available in the GP surgery giving more information, or you can speak with a member of staff at the surgery who will be happy to help.

Many thanks for your understanding.


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