At Street Lane Practice we have established a Patient Representative Group, which enables our patients to become more involved with the service we provide. Meetings are held at intervals throughout the year to gauge feedback and opinions on various aspects of our service. If you would like to become involved then please contact the Practice Manager - Petra Morgan.

2013-14 Patient Participation Report

Comments and complaints
If you have any comments, suggestions or cause to complain we would be happy to hear from you either in person or in writing by letter or email.

At the moment there are 55 members of the patient forum. We hope to involve them more in the practice over the coming year.

The opinions of patients are important to us all at the practice and all helpful suggestions are welcomed. If you feel that you have a suggestion or idea that may help us improve please let us know by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can write in to us at the practice address.

As you can see from the minutes we have implemented some of the suggestions and ideas that our patients put forward last year, and that we will hopefully be able to make some more changes and improvements in 2013/14.

Leeds North CCG

The practice is part of Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group.



Thursday 27/02/2014



  1. Welcome & Introductions – Dr Nigel Bew

Patient Forum at SLP

  • Meet annually & have virtual contact throughout the year

LNCCG – Patient reference group

  • A number of our patients have kindly volunteered to also attend this reference group which discusses topics relevant to the CCG area
  • Some of the patients feel they are no longer able to do the CCG reference group and felt uncomfortable that at times they were asked to speak on behalf of SLP when they didn’t feel that had been agreed
  • Do we need to vote for someone to represent us or just empower the volunteers to feel that they can feed into discussions on our behalf.

Overall the patient group decided that they did not feel anyone needed to be delegated or voted to attend. The invites would be sent to members of the patient forum and they would be able to decide if they wanted to attend. It was agreed that none of the patients should feel under pressure to represent the practice and should feel comfortable to express their individual opinions or give feedback about discussion topics at the patient forum at the practice.

The patient group were interested to hear how the GPs felt about the recent changes in the structure of Healthcare and the introduction last April of Clinical Commissioning Groups. Dr Bew explained that it has given Clinicians and Patients more input into decision making at a local level and it is a positive change.

  1. Patient Survey – Dr Jonny Hobman

Copies of the survey results were available on the website most of the patient forum had managed to review them prior to the meeting. In the days leading up to the meeting there had been a technical problem with the link and this would be corrected. The practice is pleased to say that there have been over 300 responses to the survey and overall the results are very favourable. The practice is pleased to report that there has been an improved range of ages answering the survey and over 50% of patients are keen for the practice to carry on using technology such as email and text messages to contact them.

Feedback on our objectives last year

Objective One – Improve the referral process for patients

None of the survey questions really covered this aspect we only have anecdotal feedback from patients who have experience of the new system. It feels really efficient and the patient is aware of their choice and next steps before leaving the surgery.

Objective Two – Improve Communication / Advice to Patients

  • Completed website with more interactive features
  • At practice introduced online booking / information sent back to practice re results & log in for access to records.

On the patients survey patients report that they would prefer to be contacted by email 50% followed by phone 24% & text 19%

Discussion Points


Patient group seemed happy with the progress of the website and feel that the interactive nature of the site should continue with more health advice. Overall the forum felt that providing the website was used as the central technology this felt safer than using facebook and twitter.

Scanning Project

The forum was informed that the practice is in the process of having all patient records scanned so that this will free up areas of the building used for storage. Once this process is complete it will also release a number of staff hours that is utilised currently in looking after the paper records as patients transfer in or out of the practice.

Winter pressures

The forum discussed winter pressures specific to Leeds Hospitals and hoped that they had still been able to access the practice in reasonable timescales. Informed the patients that Dr Meena Khan had just returned from maternity leave and we have an extra registrar with us for 6 months.

Results System

The new results system was explained to the group. The practice will implement a system where if patients need to speak to a clinician, have another test carried out or collect a prescription for treatment this will be done by text message. Patient group were in support of this system change.

Another recent addition to our service is that we have access to the results server at Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust. This is beneficial for the clinicians and patients at the practice.

  1. Patient Liaison Co-ordinators – Petra Morgan

The practice has been funded to trial some new ideas over the next 12 months and we will be recruiting some patient liaison coordinators to set up some better ways we can assist patients in their own self- management.

  • Set up systematic way so that we can be sure patients have received advice and been signposted correctly to manage their condition. Have personnel to contact the patients to assist with this.
  • Assist patients in enabling them to use various new technologies to manage their condition and report / liaise with clinicians without needing to come to the practice for face to face consultations
  • Review potential support for carers
  • Investigate involving patients more in an “expert patient” role

The patient group were very supportive of this project and wanted to highlight a few areas that they feel would be good to investigate, bereavement services, mental health advice and the idea of a patient “buddy system”. In fact a number of the patient group volunteered to be contacted about becoming more involved in this project as they feel they have experience and skills to offer fellow patients. This information will be passed onto the patient coordinators when they come into post.

  1. Plans for 2013-2014 – Petra Morgan

Long Term Conditions Management

Practice changing system from April where patients will be asked to come for annual checks around the time of their birthday and if they require a face to face appointment it will be arranged to be “one stop shop” with any follow up regarding medication will be done by phone.

Patients were supportive of this change

Patient objectives for 2014-15 – Dr Nigel Bew

Group was asked to set the practice objectives. The general feeling was that the practice should continue work presented at the meeting

  • Chronic Disease Management Review / Change
  • Patient co-ordinators Project

General feedback to the practice is that they can see much work is on-going into review and system improvement and they were very interested in the patient co-ordinator project and keen to be involved and see the results.


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