Receptionist Sign-Posting

Modern healthcare increasingly needs a team approach. You may need to see a nurse for a vaccine or smear, a healthcare assistant for a blood pressure check, the doctor because of a new symptom, or talk on the phone with the secretary regarding a hospital appointment. So we are introducing a new system of receptionist sign-posting, to ensure you are put through to the most appropriate person. Don't be offended if the receptionist asks you for a few details regarding your problem or query. They are trying to get you to the most appropriate person in the practice as efficiently as possible.

As well as Doctor and Nurse appointments other services available



Healthy Minds Practitioners

Please see the Extended Access Appointments tab for more information

We offer several types of appointment:


It is possible to book clinic appointments up to 6 weeks in advance by ringing Reception, preferably after 10am when the phones are less busy.

Each appointment slot when seeing a GP is 10 minutes long. Each week we hold evening clinics (every Wednesday and Thursday until 8:00pm) for those who struggle to get to appointments in working hours. These clinics are for routine appointments with both doctors and nurses with the usual range of services offered during our daytime clinics.

On the day appointments and the Triage team

These are for more urgent cases, where the patient believes they need to be assessed quickly. The team consists of the 'Duty Doctor', supported by our specialist Nurses. The triage team assesses medical urgency by phone, prior to booking. You can arrange a callback from the Duty Doctor by calling Reception.

Telephone appointments

These are appropriate, for instance, if you need to discuss a problem with a Doctor or Nurse but not necessarily face to face. To book, simply ask the Receptionist.

Home Visit

Arrangements can be made for a GP to visit patients at home if they are housebound or too unwell to come to surgery. We encourage patients to call Street Lane Practice before 10am if a home visit is required.
Additionally we can arrange for a member of our nursing team to visit housebound patients at home for blood tests and other interventions such as influenza vaccination. All patients who request a visit will be contacted by a Doctor to medically assess the need for a visit.


Please let the surgery know as soon as possible if you cannot keep your appointment, as we may be able to fit someone else in, even at short notice. You can do this by ringing reception or if you have a mobile and have recieved our text message reminder you can reply Cancel and this will cancel your appointment.

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