Advice for patients taking ACE inhibitors (including ramipril, lisinopril, enalapril)


The definition of high risk asthma patients can be found here:


A list of high risk conditions and advice on protecting patients in these groups:


Self isolation advice can be found here:


The Coronavirus situation is evolving by the hour.


The most useful links for upto date advice are:


Based on Government guidance our approach at Street Lane Practice is:

  • If you believe you may have Coronavirus then self isolate for 1 week. There is need to contact us at Street Lane Practice. Treat the symptoms in the same way as other types of flu like illness.
  • If unwell with shortness of breath, especially if aged >70, seek advice from NHS111 online
  • As demand rises, we will only deal with those cases that NHS111 has advised need GP input
  • Please fill in ‘eR Resp’ which can be found on our home page as this helps us to triage more efficiently
  • If you are then asked to attend, you will be kept separate from other patients and the Dr will be wearing protective gear
  • The only patients currently being swabbed for Coronavirus are those in the hospital system
In general we will try to switch all possible appointments to telephone triage or video consultation. This may involve prescribing antibiotics by phone for coughs and sore throats which, in the name of good antibiotic stewardship, we wouldn't usually consider. This would be intended as a measure to keep potentially infective patients away from those patients who need to attend the surgery for other problems.
If a patient needs to attend the surgery for face to face review he/she will be screened for flu-like symptoms. If these symptoms are present you will be seen by a GP in protective gear in a designated consultation room. If these symptoms are not present you will be seen at the surgery in the usual way.







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