Practice information & services

Street Lane Practice was established more than 100 years ago. The Practice provides General Medical NHS services to patients who live within our catchment area and who choose to register with us. Street Lane Practice is a Partnership (not a Limited Company).

The practice offers the following additional services:


Contraception services are offered by the Practice including emergency contraception, IUDs and the fitting and removing of contraceptive implants. Please see your Doctor for first appointments and the Nurse for check-ups. We can also advise and refer for termination of pregnancy.

Well person checks

These checks are offered every 3 years to those patients aged 16 to 75 who have not consulted a Doctor in that time. They are available every year to those over 75 who have not consulted a Doctor in that time.

Practice nurse appointments

Our nurse provide a range of services, such as dressings, cervical smears and immunisations.

Foreign travel

Please leave a message at reception, and a nurse will return your call. We recommend you access prior to a travel appointment.

Health Care Assistants

Your appointment may be with a health care assistant. They are trained to perform blood tests, ECGs etc.

Health Visitors

Leafield Team, Reginald Centre, Reginald Terrace, Chapeltown, LS7 3EX. Telephone 0113 843 4400.

Maternity Care

The Midwifery team can be contacted on 0113 206 5329. A comprehensive service is run from the practice.

District Nurses

The team are based at Meanwood Health Centre, and can be contacted Mon-Fri between 9 - 9.30am, 2 - 2.30pm and 4 - 4.30pm on 0113 843 3350.


Simon Miller, a physiotherapist from Chapel Allerton Hospital, attends Street Lane Practice during the working week. He sees patients booked in from Street Lane Practice or any other surgeries whose patients choose to see him via Choose and Book.

Chronic disease clinics

These are nurse led, offering advice, follow ups and annual review. Appointments can be booked at reception.

Enhanced services

Influenza immunisations for 65+ or at risk, minor surgery, IUD (coil) contraceptive fittings, smears and near patient testing.

Additional services

Cervical screening, contraceptive services (book a nurse appointment), vaccinations and immunisations, child health surveillance, maternity services, minor surgery procedures.

Counselling services

These are accessed through your GP. Alternatively you can call the Focus Learning and Self Help (FLASH) team on 0113 295 1795. Learn more about your problems, and find new ways to improve your mental wellbeing.

Non NHS Services

The NHS does not provide certain services such as private sick notes, insurance claim forms, medical examination to establish insurance risks or fitness for activities, and some travel vaccinations. An up-to-date list of fees for those services not covered by NHS is displayed in reception.

Test results

Results are usually available in 5 working days though some take longer. It is the responsibility of all patients to follow up their own results, however in the event that a prescription or more tests are required you will be contacted directly by the Practice team. Please phone or call in at reception between 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Test results can only be given to the patient that the test was performed on.

If you have registered for online access to your medical records then it is possible to view your test results by looking at your medical records. It will be apparent from the report that the authorising GP provides what action is required based on the results.

Chaperone policy

For intimate examinations the Doctor or patient may prefer that a chaperone is present. If a suitable chaperone is not available an alternative appointment will be offered.

Ethnic minority languages

If your first language is not English we are happy to accommodate by having a third party present or by using telephone interpretation services.


All medical information at the Practice is treated as confidential and is not disclosed without the consent of the patient.
The Practice does share anonymous data concerning our disease registers with the Primary Health Care Trust for research and service planning purposes.

Patient records

You may have access to view your medical records for 30 minutes free of charge by making an appointment. If you require copies of your records there is a fee. If your GP refers you for further treatment you may request a copy of the referral letter. Ask your GP and a copy will be left at reception for you to collect. Allow 5 working days.

Teaching and training

The Practice hosts fully qualified Doctors training to become independent practitioners. If you agree, Doctors in training may observe your consultation with another Doctor or video their own consultation with you. Your wish to decline the above is respected.

The Practice closes for one Thursday afternoon every month for training purposes. Please speak to reception for more information on the dates.

Leeds North CCG

The practice is part of Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group.

 Street Lane Practice policies


Following advice from Allergy Nurse Specialist – Brenda Dewitt 

Primary School Age children can be prescribed upto 4 epipens to allow for 2 at nursery/school and 2 at home.

High School children can be prescribed upto 3 epipens.

Adults can be prescribed upto 2 epipens as we would expect them to carry the pens with them even when going out.


Glucose testing strips in type 2 diabetes


The practice follows guidance set out by NICE with regard to the prescription of test strips for patients with diabetes.

Test strips should be available to:

Those on insulin treatment

Those on oral glucose lowering medications to provide information on hypoglycaemia - this wouldn't include metformin

To assess changes in glucose control resulting from medication and lifestyle changes

To monitor changes during intercurrent illness

To ensure safety during activities including driving.


There is no reason for those with type 2 diabetes on oral medication to routinely test their own blood sugar except in the circumstances highlighted above.

There is a document from which gives further patient information:


Vitamin D Supplements

It is recommended that in cases of vitamin D deficiency patients take 800-1000units of vitamin D once or twice per day for 12 weeks. These medicines can be bought over the counter:

Pro D3 1000 unit capsules

Vitabiotics ultra D3 1000unit capsules

Holland and Barratt Sunvit 1000 capsules

In addition it is important to have sunlight exposure for 20 minutes 2-3 times per week during the summer months. Areas exposed should be face and arms at the least without sunscreen and not behind glass.

Certain foods such as oily fish (mackeral, sardines) also contain vitamin D.

We would usually recheck your levels 3 months after therapy commences.



Treatment Options

$1·         Intermittent mild symptoms – Intermittent or regular oral antihistamines

$1·         Persistent moderate to severe symptoms – Nasal steroid spray is the first choice treatment.  If symptoms remain uncontrolled increase the dose.  Antihistamine should be used if itching and sneezing troublesome.

Antihistamines – Relieve eye symptoms, runny nose, sneezing and nasal irritation but have little effect on nasal congestion.  Loratadine and Cetirizine are recommended as first line agents as they are considered to be non-sedating and have a well-established safety profile.  The newer more expensive antihistamines have not been shown to be more effective.

Nasal Steroid Sprays – The treatment of choice in patients with moderate to severe hay fever as they can relieve all symptoms including nasal congestion.  These preparations need to be used regularly to be effective and maximum efficiency occurs after several days or weeks.  Ideally they should be started two weeks before the patients are likely to become symptomatic.

Eye Treatment – Antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays will also relieve eye symptoms.  Specific eye treatments have a limited role in the management of hay fever symptoms.

Decongestants – Have a limited role and should only be used short term (1 week).  Xylometazoline 0.1% spray recommended.

Products can be purchased from pharmacies and supermarkets

at less than the cost of a prescription charge.


Beclometasone 50 micrograms/nasal spray


Sodium Cromoglycate 2%. Pack size 10ml


Loratidine – tablets & 5mg/5ml syrup available

Cetirizine – tablets & 5mg/5ml syrup available

Chlorpheniramine – if sedation is required.  Tablets & 2mg/5ml oral solution available.


The doctors and nurses will adhere to these guidelines.  To avoid waste only 1 month prescription of tablets and/or 1 nasal steroid spray and/or 1 eye drop will be given.



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